Windtraining Classes (Indoor Cycling)
Jan 12 – March 12 2016
Tues & Thursdays 6:30-8 pm
Personal Training by appointment

“I was thinking about you as I was climbing the tree putting up Christmas lights. You must have succeeded—I think I’m reverting back to my agile childhood.”

Vicki Coffee
Personal Training Client

New Home for Coach Jay

The Billings Sports Plex is a new home for Coach Jay — a functional fitness facility set at 5000 South Gate Dr. in Billings, MT. The culmination of many years of work, study and experience, Coach Jay strives to help you exercise and educate every area of a healthy body and mind. Coaching services by CoachJay will continue as before. This program is not just for elite athletes or triathletes — we welcome all levels of fitness and anybody at any level of activity. We have assembled an outstanding collection of programs that will lead you to your fitness and performance goals.

The SportsPlex has purchased the highest quality, most state-of-the-art equipment for you to use to carry out these programs. We have state of the art testing equipment so we quantitatively know: where we are starting from, where we want to go, and the best way to get there.

Coach Jay wants to grow with you. I know each member has his or her own unique goals and every member’s goals are equally valid. I understand the commitment you have made to your health and I am equally committed to you. You can expect to have fun. You can expect to be pushed, tested, motivated and encouraged. You can expect to learn. You can expect to see results.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Coach Jay. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you.


Jay Marschall, Owner & Founder

Coach Jay Inc.
5000 South Gate Dr., Billings, MT 59101
(406) 672-2347